We know it can be daunting choosing a graphic designer to work with.

Below are some reasons that set C7 Design apart from other companies.


One size doesn’t fit all, which is why C7 prides itself on building relationships and getting to know your unique requirements so we can deliver the best results for you and help you grow your business.


C7 focuses on its strength which is design for print, particularly multi-page publications such as annual reports and magazines. We also do branding, advertising and marketing material. If you need something outside this scope we can collaborate with other companies to meet your requirements.


Strategic partnerships with other like-minded companies enable C7 to offer all the resources you would expect in a big studio and tailor make creative teams to suit your project and budget. These services include web design, information graphics, illustration and photography.


Karen McEldowney brings to C7 over 14 years industry experience working in Wellington and Taranaki. Experience can save you money at the end of the day by avoiding costly revisions and design that doesn’t work.


C7 operates on glide time so we can meet and work outside of normal business hours. This enables us to go the extra kilometre and meet your deadlines.


Great design doesn’t have to be a complicated process… it can even be fun! Allow C7 to take the stress out of your project and you can rest assured knowing it’ll all be in experienced hands.


The business was started in 2006 by Chris Young and since then has grown to become an established and highly regarded design studio, working with clients such as Venture Taranaki, NPDC, ABMM and BLM Feeds.


Karen McEldowney took over ownership of C7 Design in April 2013 after working in the company for 2 years as the lead designer. A former NPGHS student, Karen moved back to New Plymouth in 2009 after 11 years in Wellington. In Wellington she gained a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design and also worked in leading agencies such as Mission Hall Creative and Dave Clark Design.


C7 is always looking at new ways to grow and expand. Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate on a project or have something we can help with.

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